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General Information
Name: Jonothon (Jono) Evan Starsmore
Alias: Chamber
Age: 20
DOB: October 31, 1986
Affiliation: X-Men
Former Affiliations: Generation X

Height: 5'9"
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Defining Marks: Missing his face from the nose down. Spews fire if bandages are removed.

Chamber Spotlight at

Jono's history pretty much follows canon up until the time of Weapon X. Wolverine was able to find Neverland before it was abandoned and the program was destroyed. Jono returned to the school to teach music and help out with the telepathy classes. He also avoided Warren and Paige as much as possible. There was also guilt because he had come home to news of Angelo's death and Jubilee's injuries. Because he wasn't there for his friends, though there was nothing he could have done.

He stayed at the school through the team reorganizations and was there when M-Day hit. The surge of probabilities destroyed the work that the Weapon X project had done to his body. But here, it didn't take his powers. Instead, Jono is back to where he was before, though perhaps more powerful, over all.

Jono has a vaporized chest cavity that is filled with a fluctuating energy field (psionic flames). He manipulates this energy field through psionic biokinesis, which enables him to unleash raw energy discharges that can strike with concussive force or disrupt the binding properties of matter on a sub-atomic level so that it explodes violently.
Because his manifestation destroyed his mouth, jaw and vocal cords, Jono can only communicate telepathically, through broad or personal thought projection. He also does not have to eat, drink or breathe.

Note For Play:
Chamber is a telepath. A fairly powerful one, at that. This is why he has shields. Very strong ones that were taught to him by Professor Charles Xavier and Emma Frost. The general hubbub of other people's minds is kept out.

He does, however, have to use his telepathy to communicate. Most characters with psi-resistance aren't going to be able to hear him. This does, of course, depend on the player of the other character in question. If you want him to overhear anything going on in your character's head, please mention it. Otherwise, it'll be treated as general 'cocktail party' buzz; he might be able to hear something fairly clear every once in a while, but not all the time.

THIS IS A ROLE PLAYING JOURNAL! Jono Starsmore/Chamber and the X-Men belong to Marvel Comics. This version of Jono is for play on [info]dear_multiverse and associated comms. Yes, his PB is Orlando Bloom. No, you may not fangirl him. No, really. No fangirling. It makes the punk boy cross and he really doesn't need any more angst.

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